Bakugan Battle Brawlers vol 3 Good vs. Evil


Jarratt Townsend writes, In this volume of Bakuguan…

In this volume of Bakuguan, the episode A PERFECT MATCH, Julie looses a battle against her long childhood friend Billy , and his talking Bakuguan, Cycloid. She suddenly wishes for a talking Bakuguan when suddenly a Bakuguan, Gorem appears.In the next episode GRANDPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW BAKUGUAN, Runo and Marucho decide to go and ask Shun if he will go and join them, Shun offers them a battle and if they win he will join.In the third episode BAKUGUAN STALL, Dan remembers the last battle with shun and Dan discovers why shun stopped battling for good.In the final episode JUST FOR THE SHUN OF IT, Dan joins Runo and Marucho to try to recruit Shun again. When they arrive at Shuns home Masquerade was already there. Those are the four battle brawling episodes in BAKUGUAN battle brawler’s vol.3. I would recommend this for kids 6+. I liked the very last episode because it is so intense with all of the brawling. These are the four amazing episodes on BAKUGUAN battle brawlers.