Ghost Towns


Rebecca Bloomfield writes, Off we headed to Ouray’s ghost towns and mines.

Off we headed to Ouray’s ghost towns and mines. Long ago Ouray was rich with silver. Many mines sprang up and little mining towns followed. Ouray is in south westernColorado. Red Mountain Pass is called the Million Dollar Highway because of all the valuable mines scattered along it. My family and I decided to hike to one of those mines – Grizzly Bear. We hiked 2 1/2 miles past shale cliffs and dripping rocks. As I walked around a bend in the trail, I saw an old building. It was falling down and pretty muchall that was left wasa pile of rotting wood with a piece of rusty metal on top. A little farther down the trail, there was a sign that said ‘mine shaft.’ I peered down the square hole in ground. There was a wooden ladder leaning on the wall of the shaft. It went straight down until if disappeared into the dark tunnels of the Grizzly Bear Mine. Around another bend in the trail, more old buildings and an old mine rusted in the sunlight. Once miners lived here. Now the only inhabitants are chipmunks and squirrels. Farther up the Million Dollar Highway, we turned into Ironton, one of the larger ghost towns. At one time, over 300 people lived in Ironton and the train came from Silverton to pick up ore and deliver supplies.Now raspberries grow on the former streets and you can wander around the old houses. The stable, houses, and an old outhouse still stand – even a 100 years later. A bright orange stream, colored by iron, rushes past the town. Orange mud puddles dot the old main street. We stepped over rusty nails and broken boards to pick a few raspberries before we left. If you’re ever near Ouray, drive up the pass to see a piece of history.


  1. Hey, nice story!
    Hey, nice story! There are some grammar issues, though. And, here’s a tip: You can grab your reader’s attention more easily if you add some transition words, or “chat” with them, for example: “Could you believe, I actually saw that dirty old mine shaft!” Though, my attention was really grabbed!

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