The Poudre


Jordan Adolph writes, We had finally started are journey after hours of preparing for a 3 day trip.

We had finally started are journey after hours of preparing for a 3 day trip… The water was raging and seething higher than ever before. Poudre Canyon continues to amaze me with its beauty. The mountains, the ever so green forrestry, the profile rock, the clear waters, and the sacred wildlife all things things continue to impress me. I’ll never forget the adventures we’ve had in this canyon. Camping, wildlife-watching, and smores will always be with me . One vivid memory that has been imprinted in my mind forever is following unknown animal tracks for miles. It’s like a mystery that the mountains bury deep under their bulging rock, a secret that ill never be told. I recall myself saying “This is insane!” on the drive up as rafters, canoers, and kayakers, rage down the Poudre River. Just a simple orange blurr from their life jackets as they head further and further into the mountains. As we continue our journey up the road an innocent doe crosses the road, aware the dusk has arrived. Shecrossed the yellow and black paved road and scurried down towards the river, dissapearing in the evergreen trees. Campfire smells fill the air as we rolled along, As I looked back the orange flames show brightly into the distance. The sun was now hidden behind the ominous yet welcoming mountains. I now close, as I drift off to sleep with that safe and welcome,luxurious feeling you only get when you’re home.