New Orleans- Not Just a Place For Adults


Lillian Lungren writes, Many people think that New Orleans is just a place for adults.

Many people think that New Orleans is just a place for adults. Children and families can have just as much fun in New Orleans. There are lots of things to do, for example, you could go to Story Land. Story Land is a place in New Orleans where there are fun and interesting rides and activities that you can do. There is a cute little ride where you go inside a dragon and come out the dragon’s mouth. There are lots of things to do that are all based on the original children’s fairy tale movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.There are lots of other things to do, like my personal favorite restaurant, CafĂ© Du Monde, where you can get the most amazing beignets you will ever eat. They are this fluffy, waffle-like sweet roll with powdered sugar.While you eat your beignet, you can shop in the French Quarter. The French Quarter is an amazing area where you can shop, eat, and have a blast!In New Orleans, you can go on outstanding carriage ride through any part of town, but the carriage rides are most popular during winter and Christmas. There are also these incredible house museums in New Orleans. They are based on things that happen in the houses, which are usually historical houses.On the other side of New Orleans, called the By Water, there is this delicious Japanese ice cream shop! In all the normal flavors, the only difference is that this ice cream is made how it is in Japan. It is one of the most scrumptious ice creams I have ever had.To get to the other side, you can ride the Ferry. The Ferry is so fun! You can either sit on the top, or the bottom, and when I say the bottom, I mean where you can see the water but not touch it.These are some of my favorite things that I like to do in New Orleans and if you ever go to New Orleans, and go to these places, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


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