Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Tiara Stephan writes, Has it ever rained in your neighborhood? I’m not talking regular rain.

Has it ever rained in your neighborhood? I’m not talking regular rain. Nope, I’m talking raining FOOD! If you would like to experience that feeling, watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This movie is a comedy cartoon that’s family friendly.Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) lives in a small island covered by the A in Atlantic Ocean called Swallow Falls. Swallow Falls was famous for sardines and a boy named Brent was the mascot. One day Flint goes to school to present a science project called Spray-on Shoes. All you have to do is spray the solution onto your feet and watch the sparkly shoes magically form on your feet. However he realized, after Brent asked him, he couldn’t get the shoes off. He goes home and tries everything he can to get the shoes off. Finally, he gives up and assumes defeat. He lies on his bed and cries his heart out. His mom comes in to console him. She says that she knows that one day he will invent something wonderful. Then, she hands him his very own inventors’ coat. It’s something he’s always wanted. He goes up to his metal tree house and starts inventing like crazy.Year after year, he invents something new. A walking TV and Ratbirds are just some of his crazy inventions. Now, he’s a teenager and his having trouble with his dad, Tim (James Caan). His mom passed away a couple of years ago. Tim wants his son to go and work in his sardine shop. Unfortunately, he still wants to be an inventor. He has a monkey assistant named Steve (Neil Patrick Harris) who talks through a mind device. Flint’s latest invention is a machine that takes water and converts it into food. It fails though because he doesn’t have enough power. Tim forces his son to help him in his sardine shop. One day, his father and his employees go to the grand opening of SardineLand, an amusement park that the Mayor Shelbourne (Bruce Campbell) opens to make more visitors visit SwallowFalls. Flint offers to hold down the shop. He sneaks out of the shop to a nearby power plant and uses the electricity to power up the machine. Meanwhile, a cute intern from a major news station goes to Swallow Hills to cover the weather and the grand opening of SardineLand. Her name is Sam Sparks (Anna Faris). Well, nothing goes well. Flint overpowers his food machine and it shoots up like a rocket. It destroys a part of the new amusement park and smashes Sam’s face into the camera. Flint goes off to be alone. He had disappointed his dad and made himself a fool. A dream-wrecked Sam goes to the docks too and Flint falls in love with her. All of a sudden, purple clouds cover the skies and it starts to rain hamburgers! Flint’s machine worked! Flint invents a communication device to tell the machine what food to send down. He starts to take food requests from people. Officer Earl (Mr. T) requests ice cream for his son’s birthday. Mayor Shelbourne loves the machine and requests a lot of food. The mayor wants to increase tourism by making SwallowFalls a cruise ship stop. Meanwhile, Flint invites Sam to a Jell-o house he made. Flint finds out that Sam was a nerd-like figure once for the weather but she denies it. Flint persuades Sam to wear her glasses and a Jell-o scrunchie he made for her. They almost kiss, but the mayor calls Flint. The mayor wants to change the name of the town to Chewandswallow. He invites Flint to cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the town. The only thing that’s missing is Tim’s pride for his son. Later that evening, Flint then gets mad at his father for not accepting that this is who he is.Flint discovers that the food is getting bigger. It was getting dangerous for everybody. He wants to turn the machine off but the now obese mayor persuades him not to. Flint agrees and leaves his metal tree house. The next day, when all of the tourists came, a large spaghetti tornado came blasting through the town. He realizes that the food business was getting too dangerous. He hurries up to the tree house to stop the machine. Trust me; you won’t want me to spoil the ending. It’s the best part. All you have to do is go to your local movie theater and plop yourself down into a seat and watch the movie. I give this movie an A+. This movie is rated PG. You can also watch it in 3-D. It’s hilarious and family friendly. So why not go for a family night out at the movies? You’ll have a great time watching this movie.


  1. Good job!
    Good job!I really like how you didn’t give the ending away!It was very catchy until the last paragraph when you keep saying this movie or movie.Good job and keep working!emma

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