400 Children, One Great Big Heart


Austin Campbell writes, By: Austin CampbellThe Colorado Children’s Choral has 400 children who singWith one big heart for Coloradoans and other…

By: Austin CampbellThe Colorado Children’s Choral has 400 children who singWith one big heart for Coloradoans and others around the world. The 400 children in the Choral are divided into four choirs called the Prep, Apprentis, Concert and Tour choirs. The Prep Choir is the smallest choir. It is the entry-level training choir and the age group is from second through fourth graders. Students in this choir rehears weekly for hour one hour, three are also five community performances per season.The Apprentis Choir is advanced training choir. The age groups are third through fifth graders. There are weekly 80-minute rehearsals. There is also a day camp in the fall, there are three to five community performances per season. I started in this choir and enjoyed singing for it. Midway through the year, several of us Apprentis Choir members were promoted to the Concert Choir where we performed more frequently for school audiences. There are rincipal performing choir for the Denver metropolitan area. We have weekly two-hour rehearsalsAnd four-day performance training camp in the fall.The Tour Choir, the most experienced singers in the Choral, sing in the United States and abroad. The Tour Choir preformed in China, Great Britain, Brazil, France, Italy, and Japan. The Colorado Children’s Choral has also entertained for world leaders, dignitaries, and presidents. The Tour Choir performed for many world activists such as Pope John Paul ll and the Dalai Lama. The Choral has also shared the stage with musical superstars like Placida Domingo, James Levine, Natalie Cole, Michael McDonald, and Celine Dion.The Colorado Children’s Choral encourages all children across the Front Range to join the Choral. It provides great opportunities to perform and to communicate with the world through music. One neat thing about the children in the Choral is that they come from all different ethnic, social and economic backgrounds.The Award winning Choral started in 1974 and this year celebrated its 35th anniversary with a big concert at Boetcher Hall. To apply for the Colorado Children’s Choral you can go to there website www.childrenschorale.org.I have enjoyed my years in the Colorado Children’s Choral and I hope you get to have the same experience either through participating in one of the choirs or by joining the Choral’s 400 children during their 2009-2010 performances.


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