Julia Gergely writes, Escape reality when you plunge into this book.

Escape reality when you plunge into this book. Follow the magical journey of Jenna, Nicko and Boy 412.Their identities are a mystery. Sarah and Silas Heap have a seventh son who is very magykal, he is pronounced dead leaving Sarah heartbroken. MeanwhileSilas finds an abandoned baby girl and raises her as his seventh child, Jenna. Silas and Sarah do not know who she is for ten years. Marcia the extraordinary wizard comes to claim Jenna on her tenth birthday. Jenna’s unknown identity is a princess she is also a victim of an assassin. Sarah, Silas, Jenna and the six other boys did not know that. Marcia takes Jenna to a safe place and thus begins a journey that keeps you guessing ’til the very last moment. See, the darke wizard DomDaniel is trying to kill everyone and take over the land with darke magyk. Marcia, Jenna, Nicko(Jenna’s “brother”) and Boy 412 (a young army escapee) dodge the ships, hunters and assassins of DomDaniel. These wizards experience storms at sea, numerous fictional creatures and very strange meals. At the end of the book it says the fate of almost every single character. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a journey to an enchanting place. The author, Angie Sage wrote words with the wrong spelling such as magyk and darke and often adding an ‘e’ to words. I do not know why she did this. She also made up charms and spells for the characters to recite in the book. She writes so vivid that I wonder what the characters are doing every moment. There are more books in this series Queste, Flyte and Physik are some of them. You may be wondering all sorts of questions by now, I suggest you read the book to find the answers!


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