Ralph Moody Celebrates Namesake


AlexSandra Raburn writes, AlexSandra Raburn -Littleton…

AlexSandra Raburn -Littleton, ColoradoOn September 17, 2009 Ralph Moody Elementary students K-5 and their teachers, in Littleton Colorado, celebrated their schools name by dressing in 1800’s period clothing, listening to story tellers, and visiting the City of Littleton’s Historical Museum.Ralph Moody lived from 1898-1981. He was born to Charles and Mary (Gould) Moody in New Hampshire. Ralph’s mother read aloud to him along with the rest of the family quite frequently and Ralph loved it. Over the years he not only was a rancher in Colorado but he became an avid reader; and with this reading he taught himself to write. At age 50 he enrolled into a night school writing course. After his first short story was returned to him with a note from the teacher saying he should write a book, he did, and that book became “Little Britches”.Ralph Moody wrote many books, such as: “American Horses”, “Come on Seabiscuit, the Story of a Race Horse”,” Little Britches”,” Horse of a Different Color”, and many more.The Littleton Historical Museum (6028 South Gallup Street) takes the visitor back into time; before running water, electricity, and cars. Walking around this mostly outdoor museum the visitor is shown the hard labor and life style of people living on a ranch during the 1800’s; with real ranch animals and volunteer’s dressed in period clothing working and living on the ranch. My favorite part is the yellow house and the cat’s who live there. Although they have their milk bowels inside the house they are not pets; they have a job like all the other animals on the farm. They keep the rats and bugs outside.During our celebration of Ralph Moody Elementary we listened to story tellers read parts of “Little Britches” “Man of the House”, and “Home on the Ranch”. We played games that were popular during the 1800’s, and learned what life was like during that era.At Ralph Moody Elementary its” A Great Place To Be”, past or present.


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