Denver Welcomes The Greatest Show On Earth…


Dannika Harris writes, The Ringling Bros.

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus,” Zing Zang Zoom” arrived in town this past weekend and what a show it was. I have been going to the Circus since I could walk and I never get sick of it. All the fun got started an hour before the show with the All Access Pre-Show. My brother, Tommy and I, got one on one with all the clowns and a front row seat to see the elephants. We even tried on the costumes the performers wore. Now, it was time for the show to start. The clowns picked out four Dad’s from the audience and made them all play musical chairs while they did funny antics. Next, the Zingmaster, (ringmaster) Alex, got the crowd off their chairs and on their feet by performing Illusions. He even made an elephant Vanish. There was even a villain, Mr. Gravity, that made everything fall to the ground. His plans were foiled and the show went on. My favorite part was the Soaring Acrobats. They performed on two long swings, daredevil stunts and graceful acrobatics. My brothers favorite part was the Cannons.They shot two people across the whole stage and landed softly and safely. The Greatest Show On Earth lived up to the name. I loved all the costumes and performances. Great job to everyone who put this show together. For more info check out I would like to thank my family for buying the tickets and enjoying the show with me.


  1. Good Job!
    Good Job! You did really good i was at the circus to on sunday and loved it. You described the show really well. thumbs up!

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