Paper Clips- They’re In!


Kelsey Campbell writes, Paper clips, you might think BORING!

Paper clips, you might think BORING! But to the girls at Bear Creek K-8 they are the new style! ” WHY?” you ask, well just think, a little clip that you can bend into any shape. Look at the photos and FYI they are all made from….. Paper Clips! Now the paper clips can hold paper together, and get earwax out of your ear, and maybe keep you awake at class, but clip them together and you have a good looking necklace. Or how about you put them on some old ear rings, or bend it in to a look ring. Now, look at what these people do in there spare time in the 5th and 6th pics. Now, no offence to those guys but, they need a girlfriend, or a life. Now if you have over 200 paper clips, and about five hours or more, go ahead and try to make one of these thingy mabobers. But like most people they would just make some cute earrings like in the 4th pic, this is how you can make one: First just take so earrings (dangly) that you don’t EVER wear, and take the medal part off. Next, find some paper clips ,and you can paint them if you like, and look to see if they have a little hole,than, find the end that is on the outside. Take that end and put it in the hole. Do this on both of the ear rings. Now you have some rocken ear rings! Here is how you can make the necklace: First, take out a necklace, and lay it out, unhooked, and line up the paper clips and put them next to each other until they are closest to the necklace length, even put one more paper clip. Ok, this might be a little hard to some folks, look at the 7th pic, just put that end in the other clip, and keep going like that in tell the last one then, do the same thing with the last clip and the first clip. You have a nice looking necklace and very cheap too. The ring you would have to look up on, or That is just a little to hard for me to explain to you. So now do you think that paper clips are oh so boring? Try to make some of these crafts. If you have a party make them. Just remember that the next time some one talks about paper clips, not say it like a dork, but say ,” coolness.”


  1. Paper Clips?
    Paper Clips? They already sell those as earings, necklaces, braclets, and in kits to make them into shapes.

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