Genghis Khan Conquers Denver!


Devlin Barron writes, Genghis Khan, the world’s greatest conqueror, is coming to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science October 16, 2009.

Genghis Khan, the world’s greatest conqueror, is coming to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science October 16, 2009. I had the pleasure of getting a preview tour with Jennifer Moss Logan, lead exhibit educator, and Heather Hope, PR Manager for the museum. It takes about three weeks to assemble an exhibit like this. This exhibit is full of new technology so the inspectors need a lot of time to make sure everything is perfect. Many of the artifacts haven’t been seen outside of Mongolia and Russia. These artifacts come from museums around the world, but most come from the Hermitage Museum in Russia. When you walk in through the main entrance you are greeted by a huge picture and statue of Genghis Khan. These may not look exactly like him, because Genghis didn’t allow people to draw or paint his portrait. No one knows exactly what he looked like. Kahn was born a peasant named Temujin in 1162. Genghis Khan was just his title. Before you start your tour, be sure to check out the Cavalry Saber from the 13 th century. Early in your tour you will see, what looks like a tent. This is called a Ger. You can walk through the Ger and even get to play a game the children called “knuckle bone” then you will see a Shaman robe that Genghis wore. In the next room you will see a big statue of a horse with a Mongolian warrior on it. If you were a Mongolian child, you would already be an expert at horseback riding by the age of four. Also inside this room are weapons the Mongols used like shields, arrowheads, armor, spear points and a bow that had 160 pounds of pressure. A really fun part of the exhibit is when you walk between two huge TV screens showing a war scene and thundering horses. You will actually feel like you are on the battlefield with Genghis Khan and his warriors. My brothers and I loved the large siege weaponry on display. Our favorites were the Trebuchet, it is like a catapult. The other is the Triple Crossbow, which is a crossbow but 10 times larger. There is even a miniature demo of a Trebuchet that you can use to catapult a ball into the wall.Throughout your tour you will see jewelry, relics, clothing and adornments from more than 800 years ago. There is also a stage where live performers will do acts. They will play the traditional stringed instruments, perform dances and there will be a contortionist act. For those of you that are artistic or enjoy building things, there will be a coloring contest and a ‘build your own Trebuchet’ contest. At the end of the exhibit you get to make your own Mongolian hat to bring home. Denver is Mongolia’s Sister City, which makes us the perfect place to host Genghis Khan and his warriors.This exhibit is one of a kind. I highly recommend it! The exhibit isn’t staying forever; it is only available through February 7 th. If you would like more information you can visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science website at


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