S Shaped Bone


Brent Wells writes, I was on a bike ride with my neighbor.

I was on a bike ride with my neighbor. It all went wrong when I went to see the baseball fields I played on the next day. After looking at the fields we decided to head back to eat lunch. On our way back we found a ramp, no bigger than 14 inches tall. We went over it a few times, enjoying the thrill. Thats when I decided to go a little faster. The wind rushing in my face, I knew I should slow down, but I didn’t. Thats when my bike launched me over my handle bars and CRACK! Seering pain was in my left arm and it looked like the Sidewinder at Elitches. My neighbor called my mom, my house, and my brother but only my brother answered. My neighbor said “Brent hurt his arm.” But I knew it was much worse.I sat there feeling like I was going to puke, especialy when I forced it up and down, just to reasure myself I had just bruised it. But the worst part hadn’t even happened. After I rode my ruined bike home using one arm only I had to go to the emergency for 10 hours! I was tired and worried about the surgery. they gave me the IV and I slowly drifted of into my own little world. When the pushed my bones back into place I just layed there, not feeling a thing. I woke up and felt weak, tired, and extremly confused. I went home shortly after I woke up and went to bed.I had made a big mistake about going off the jump but my biggest mistake was not wearing a helmet. I would of been extremely hurt if my arm didn’t break the fall I would probably still be in the hospital today.Today my cast is gone, my arm is healed, and I am thankful that I’m ok and not in the hospital.


  1. Ouch!
    Ouch! Sounds scary, good to know you’re okay though! I like how it has the aspect of the story, but at the end, it has a lesson, you could’ve made the story more about the lesson…to wear a helmet, and make your story a little part of it, but it was really good…loved the onomatopeia, simile, and other figurative language in it.

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