Wild Things


Joey Dearing writes, If I could give “Where the Wild Things” one comment, it would be “A nice try.

If I could give “Where the Wild Things” one comment, it would be “A nice try…”. First off, it’s nothing like the book it was based off of, which just happens to be the book that my dad read to me every night when I was little. But, the book is a picture book, so I have to give it credit. Here is a short summary of the book; Max is at his house, building a fort in the snow. Max tries to get his sister to come look at it, but she’s on the phone. His sisters friends come and get in a snowball fight with Max, so Max runs into his snow fort. His sisters friends come and jump on the fort, caving it in on Max. Max gets up, crying, and his sister and her friends drive away. Max goes psycho (honestly, he scared me right then!) and dumps snow and breaks items in his sisters room. He then runs into his own room and waits in bed till his mom gets home and he shows her the mess in his sisters bedroom. Later that night, Max goes psycho again and bites his mother. He then runs out of the house, and to the lake where he finds a boat and sails to an island. There Max meets huge monsters that talk and have names. Max is appointed king, and finds these monsters have a sad life. They are missing a member, KW, and expect Max to find her and bring her back. Max does find her, and brings her back. She stays. Max plans to build a giant house where him and the monsters sleep. He and the monsters split up into teams for a dirt clod fight, and one monster, Carol, gets mad at KW. KW and Carol go their different ways and Max decides to leave. He cannot find Carol, and gets into his boat and floats away as the monsters say goodbye to him. Then, Carol come running into the water. Then-get this- he starts howling, like him and Max used to. Max howls back, sails off, and runs home to his mother. In the end, you see his mother watching him eating cake. This is the book’s story; Max goes downstairs in his wolf suit, misbehaves, and is sent to his room without “supper”. He goes up to his room, builds a little fort, and his imagination unfolds into a land with huge monsters that become his friends. After playing with the monsters for a while, Max longs to go home, which he does. There, he finds his supper still hot.Quite a difference, huh? If I were to give “Where the Wild Things Are” a rating, 5 stars being the best, I would give it 3 stars. If it’s nothing like the book, couldn’t it at least be good?


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