No Fishing Poles Allowed…


Dannika Harris writes, SHARK.

SHARK…. Just kidding, or am I? Who would have ever thought you could see sharks in Downtown Denver? This past weekend, my family and I went to the Downtown Aquarium (“an underwater adventure”), and what a great time we had. When you first walk in, you are greeted by an aquarium staff member that is more than happy to show you where to go. It was now time to check out The North American Wilderness exhibit. WOW! I couldn’t believe there were so many different kinds of trout . And the colors were beautiful. Everywhere you looked, even in the sky, there were fish. We even got to walk in a glass cave with Nurse Sharks, Sea Turtles, and Moray Eels thinking we were lunch. In the middle of it all, there was the Sumatran Tigers located in the Tropical Rainforests of the World. I think the Tigers knew people are watching them because they kept posing for all the cameras. Next to the Sumatran Tigers was the most strangest jellyfish I have ever seen. The Upside Down Jellyfish. It literally lives upside down. Strange, but true. We were nearing the end of the Aquarium and my brother, Tommy, was getting very excited because the shark tank was near. I just stood there and stared at all of the sharks. I even got to see two Sawfish and three Barracudas.The teeth were huge and I was so happy I wasn’t dinner. Besides all the underwater life, there was River Otters, Snakes, birds, panning for gold, floods in the Desert, and feeding the Stingrays. I did feed the Stingrays and it was disgusting, but fun all in one. My mom had one more surprise for us. We were all eating at the Aquarium (an underwater fine dining adventure). I sat right by the huge tank where a scuba diver was feeding the fish. She did tricks and was making us laugh. I was a little sad to be eating fish while watching them. So I had chicken strips. My Mom had no problem. HA, Ha, Ha. We all had a great night. If you would like to check out the Downtown Aquarium go to or call 303-561-4450. The Aquarium has many different camps and classes to offer, like diving with the sharks, snorkeling adventure, marine biologist for a day, birthday party adventures, and overnight sleep overs. Also, check out the Aquarium Dining Adventure for Friday Family Nights! I would like to thank the wonderful staff at the Downtown Aquarium and Restaurant for the great time and food. And a big thank you to my Gramdma Vicky for buying us a yearly pass to the Aquarium.