Zach Bonner’s Little Red Wagon Pulls His Help


Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, Right now your primary concerns are probably along the lines of studying for that mammoth test tomorrow…

Right now your primary concerns are probably along the lines of studying for that mammoth test tomorrow, winning that big game against the toughest team in the league, or finishing your Science project that’s due on Friday. Zach Bonner has concerns like these, only these are minor to him. His primary concerns are a whole lot bigger. A couple weekends ago my family and I drove up to Red Rocks to support my old neighbor and babysitter, Megan Burtt. We also drove up there because the concert was a benefit for Pennies for Peace and other charities. I found out about Pennies for Peace when I read a book called Three Cups of Tea, Young Readers Edition. In this book a man was trying to raise money for a small town in Pakistan that had helped him when he became lost while climbing the second highest mountain in the world, K2. He started a foundation called Pennies for Peace, which encouraged kids to donate money for a future school building in Pakistan. “Pennies for Peace is service learning program of Central Asia Institute that encourages American youth to discover their capacities as international change agents.” said Jamie Rossler, an employee and intern for Pennies for Peace. While I was there I learned about another foundation and actually got to interview the founder himself. Zach Bonner is an eleven year-old living in Tampa, Florida. He started his own foundation in 2005. This foundation’s name is the Little Red Wagon Foundation. This sixth grader walked from his home in Tampa, Florida to the White House in Washington, D.C. over the course of three summers. His foundation does a lot of things and he has a lot of personal experiences to share, this interview tells us a lot of things about him. What is the mission of your organization? We help kids affected by natural disasters, homeless youth, and Title 1 schools. We donate school supplies to Title 1 and backpacks filled with food, a personal hygiene kit, a sewing kit, a first aid kit, a candy pack, a small toy, and a pair of socks to homeless youth. What is your favorite thing about your mission? One of my favorite things about my charity is getting to go out and do projects such as holiday parties, talking with the kids and getting to play and interact with them, and just in general getting to meet them. What is your job in your foundation? I’m the founder, president, and CEO. I help plan, lead, and execute the projects. I also help with donations and fundraising. Out of all the places you’ve visited which ones really stood out to you? One interesting story was when I took stuff down to Mexico. They were in an orphanage and they had never seen electronics such as Game Boys. They have nothing, they don’t have the same opportunities or some of the things that we have. All of this is the same with the homeless youth. What is one thing you’ve enjoyed while visiting Colorado? Colorado’s great, it’s a really great state. Interacting with other kids my age who are activists themselves in the event tonight is the highlight. While I was at the event I saw a lot of amazing, young people who had started non-profit foundations. These kids helped others with everything from teddy bears to soccer fields. All of their dreams started out small, but grew to something a whole lot bigger. These kids show all of us that there are lots of ways to help kids that don’t have as much as we do. Zach Bonner dedicated three whole summers and a lot of extra time to these kids. We don’t have to do that, but by making small donations and helping people when they need it we really are making a difference in this world. Information Contributed by: www.LRWF.comZach Bonner


  1. Good story.
    Good story. I’ve been wanting to read Three Cups of Tea and donate things to Pennies for Peace.

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