Isabel’s Texas Two-Step


Julia Gergely writes, Head down to Texas in this exciting book.

Head down to Texas in this exciting book. Isabel is going there for her sister’s quinceanera at her cousin’s ranch. On the first night after Isabel gets settled in her charming little room her cousin Ricardo offers to show her around. He brings her into a living room which Isabel, an art-lover is amazed at. She walks past a priceless eagle sculpture and her sleeve catches on the tip of it’s wing and the sculpture almost falls down but is saved. Unfortunately, when Isabel and her cousin put the eagle back it’s wing nick’s the table on the way up! Isabel repairs it with some glue but has to live with the guilt of breaking the statue and not telling anyone.Next thing Isabel does wrong is when she asks her mom if she can go to the art gallery and her mom nods she runs off. Soon the cops come after Isabel on a search party! Turns out Isabel’s mom didn’t say yes. This trip is not turning out right for Isabel. On top of all that her sister has turned into a monster saying that Isabel wants all the attention when, in fact everybody is ignoring her. Also Isabel’s dad whom she hasn’t seen in months may not be coming. Here’s another mistake Isabel goes armadillo hunting with her cousin Ricardo again,without telling anybody again, double trouble! Well it’s the biggest rainstorm so Isabel and Ricardo head into a cave. Their horse runs off so they’re stuck ’til the rain stops. To pass the time Isabel decide to write. She flashes the flash light at the ground while trying to hold it and passes it on a wallet like pouch and at a closer look she finds that it is a pouch made from Indian tribes thousands of years old! Later she shines the light on the wall she is leaning against and finds 30 pictures of perfectly preserved cave art. Isabel and Ricardo decide not to tell anyone about the cave art until after the quinceanera same as with the eagle. Eventually Isabel and Ricardo were found at dawn, they were there for a whole night! I think this book is amazing and a total must- read. I’ve read all the books in this series, the beacon street girls. This book has a lot of spanish in it and tons of cool Mexican and Texas history. To find out how the quinceanerawent and if Isabel confessed or not you have to read the book! I hope you do read it and I hope you like it!