A Snowman in Hawaii?


Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, It’s snowing, there’s no school, and you’re sitting at home wondering what to do.

It’s snowing, there’s no school, and you’re sitting at home wondering what to do. This is how I felt last Wednesday when I went downstairs and discovered the exciting news, no school today! As I sat at home wondering what to do a brilliant idea struck me. I have a friend who lives in Texas and they practically never get snow. I thought, “What if I make a snowman just for her!” I quickly proceeded to get all of my ski gear on. I swung open the back door to a winter wonderland in fall! I trudged through the snow and sat down, picking up a handful of it I started to form a snowball. This small snowball soon progressed in to three large balls of snow, that when stuck together formed a snowman. I glanced at the yard; all around where I had rolled the snow the glorious winter wonderland had been turned in to a much used thin layer of snow. “Oh well,” I thought, “it’s still snowing, and maybe it’ll come back.” After that, I went inside. I took off my snow boots and went in to the kitchen to grab a carrot and some black and red beans. Setting these near the door I went downstairs to the costume closet and gathered some supplies. I set these down next to the other necessities to make a snowman. Next, I sprinted upstairs and collected some other ingredients. Lastly, I grabbed a camera and a rag to keep it from getting to wet. After all of these supplies were gathered I ran outside with the carrot and beans, with these I made the face of a classic snowman, not forgetting the sticks for arms. Slipping inside I grabbed the camera to take a picture. Next, I took a grass skirt and lei out, these created the Hawaiian snowman. Third, Imade a skiing snowman with poles and everything! This led to the random snowman in a Santa hat. After all of this I went indoors and wrote a letter with the pictures included to my friend. This is just one of the many fun activities you can do on a snow day, make an igloo, have a snowball fight, or go sledding. Enjoy!!


  1. Fantastic job.
    Fantastic job. We were off for Fall Break that week, so I missed on the snow day :(You’re right, they ARE exciting!Isabelle

  2. excellent story.
    excellent story…gr8 imagery and word choice. agreeing with tommy, next time iwould add paragraphs, but other than that, excellent stroy!

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