Color Your World With Crayola’s Crayon Town


Melissa Kaiser writes, Do you get bored, just coloring the same old things?

Do you get bored, just coloring the same old things? Do you wish your pictures could come to life and play with you? I’ve got news for you: Crayola.NO MORE BOREDOM; NO MORE BLUES, CRAYOLA CRAYON TOWN IS JUST FOR YOU!This is the best because you can decide what your world looks like. You can change a small animal or another object from small to big, with just the addition of a crayon! You get to color the scenery however you would like. You can mix and match colors, or keep it simple with just one color per object.You can spend as much or little time coloring.What I like most about it is that in every set, there are new things.You don’t see the same tree twice, or see anything else in two different sets. So, put on your racing red shoes, eat a sunset orange mango, set on a banana yellow cap, grab onto your jungle green shirt, get on a pair of raspberry blue jeans, yank on a victory violet jacket, and get your Crayola Crayon Town in a flash.


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    Quick question: is this on the computer or is it just a thing you do in general?

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