Flag Football is the Best


Tommy Gergely writes, I recently just finished my flag football season.

I recently just finished my flag football season. It was really fun our team was really good we had 5 wins and 3 losses. Even though we lost in the second round of the tournament. I still had the best time of my life. Flag football is easy for anyone it is exactly like football but to get them down you pull their flag. The flags my league plays with are sewed on to a belt belt the belt has a clip so you can keep it on. The other flags you can use have velcro on the on it so the flag velcro’s on and you tie it on instead of clipping it on. I personally like the clipped on one better because it has more mobility and it is less of a hassle to get back on. If you wanted to have a game you can buy flags at your local sports store or a store that has a sports section you’re probably good to go. You can go to the closest park and mark out with cones 50 meters then add 10 meters to each side for the touchdown. The width of the field is 15 meters across. 25 meters is the middle of the field also the first down. To determine who gets the ball first simply flip a coin. A touchdown is worth 6 points instead of kicking a 1 point kick you have the decision to go for 1 point or 2 points. If you go for 1 point it is 5 yards back and you cant run the ball. If you go for 2 points it is 10 yards back and you can run the ball. You’re not allowed to run the ball three times: If you are with in 5 yards of a touchdown you have to pass. if you are with in 5 yards of the first down you can’t run the ball and if you are going for 1 point after a touchdown. Each team gets 3 timeouts the whole game. Clock stops if a injury occurs(Hopefully it should not happen.)Also clock stops after every play with one minute left. The play clock is 1 hour long. Tip try to play in good weather. Lets play some football!!


  1. missing wuite a few punctuations…
    missing wuite a few punctuations, but love the subject. try makaing it a little more interesting, and you would be gr8!

  2. Few errors in punctuations.
    Few errors in punctuations. Just remember, do better next time! Other than that, great story!

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