Swimming is the best sport


Tommy Gergely writes, HI I’m Tommy Gergely and personally I think swimming is the best sport in the world!

HI I’m Tommy Gergely and personally I think swimming is the best sport in the world!! I mean you get a great workout as well as having the best time of your life. I go to swimming everyday because it is great. I swim at DU which is an amazing way to prepare for the summer. In the summer I practice everyday and have meets on fridays. You win some you lose some. I always try to practice hard until game day. On the day of the meet I listen to some Rocky, We Will Rock You to get me pumped up. Then I stretch my legs. I go talk to my coach. Then I put on my cap and goggles, jump up and down to get ready, l loosen my ankles by shaking them and then I race. After the race I go talk to my coach again. He tells me what I could improve on and what I did great. I will usually drink some Sunny D or G2 If I have a long wait until my next race I will get something to eat. Then repeat all over again. I repeat the process 5 times. Sometimes me and my friends will buy candy and we will eat some of the candy and finish it off at the end of the meet. I will usually take a nap in my sleeping bag to rest. My best races are the 50,100, and the 200 Freestyle. After the meet we get are ribbons on monday. I have 3 records with my relay team. We won at state where all the teams in the state are in one big meet. Are team won state for the first time in 15 years.


  1. just to let u know…
    just to let u know, missing a few commas, and “hi” is not a good way 2 start a story for the paper, but right idea! keep working, and you should do good!

    I LOVE SWIMMING TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But are those your pics? If so, you rock at taking pics!!

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