Sonny with a Chance- Sonny’s Big Break (Volume 1)


Emma Selner writes, Sonny with a Chance- Sonny’s Big Break…

Sonny with a Chance- Sonny’s Big Break, is about a Midwestern teenage girl named Sonny Monroe (Demi Lovato), who gets the chance of a lifetime when she moves to Hollywood to work with the cast of the hit teen sketch comedy So Random. The first volume has four different episodes filled with fun and laughter. Episode 1:This episode is about how Sonny is trying to fit in among the cast, even though Tawni Hart (Tiffany Thorton), Sonny’s hero, makes it clear that she is not welcome. Tawni even goes through the trouble of moving gym equipment onto Sonny’s side of their dressing room. Sonny ruins Tawni’s sketch, and the cast decides to use Sonny’s idea instead. Will they apologize or will the rivalry increase?? Watch to find out!Episode 2:Sonny meets Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Night), the star from their rival show, Mackenzie Falls. The cast tells her about the feud between the 2 shows. Sonny organizes a ‘peace picnic’ that fails miserably. Mackenzie Falls and So Random try to settle it over musical chairs. It comes down to Sonny and Chad, and Sonny shows off her acting skills….. You’ll have to see who wins- I won’t ruin it!Episode 3:Sonny and Tawni are working on their newest sketch ‘The Check It Out Girls.’ Nico Harris (Brandon Smith) and Grady Mitchel (Doug Brochu) try to get a snake to impress the girl that Nico likes. Sonny’s mother comes in and says if she doesn’t have a good grade in math- NO SHOW! Tawni convinces Sonny to cheat, and Sonny realizes it is wrong and confesses at the last second. Marshall, their director, says neither of them can do the sketch until they pass the test. While Sonny and Tawni insult each other after they hear, Sonny realizes that she was actually ready for the test. Will Sonny and Tawni make it in time and will Nico get the girl???Episode 4:The rivalry between Mackenzie Falls and So Random increases. Sonny has a tacky supehero sketch idea that all the others laugh at her for and leave her alone in the cafeteria. Chad Dylan Cooper seizes the advantage of having them fighting, and invites Sonny over to Mackenzie Falls, so his show can be better. After a food dispute in the cafeteria, Tawnie, Zora, Nico, and Grady go over to Mackenzie Falls, only to discover that Sonny is there. The cast bans Sonny from the Prop House. Sonny realizes that she really isn’t fitting in. Will Sonny ever be welcome back into the So Random prop house? Or will she be rejected??Overall, Sonny’s Big Break was a stellar comedy that keeps the whole family laughing.DisneyDirected by: Eric Dean SeatonScreenwriter: Kevin Kopelow, Heath SeifertRun Time: 89 minutesRating: 4 1/2 starsRated: G


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