Up, Up, and Away


Haley Rogers writes, The sky’s the limit, unless your house can fly.

The sky’s the limit, unless your house can fly. That’s the way it is for Mr. Fredrickson, a retired balloon salesman in the newly released DVD Up. Mr. Fredrickson can’t stand the idea of living at a retirement home, so when he has no other choice, he ties thousands of balloons to his house, and sets off on the adventure of a lifetime.Carl Frederickson doesn’t realize that a little boy named Russell is on his porch as he soars through the sky. At first Carl wants to be alone, but after a while he becomes fonder of Russell. After many hours of flying, Russell and Carl reach Paradise Falls, the hidden land of Carl’s childhood dreams. In the lost world, Russell and Carl make many friends, including a talking dog named Dug, and a giant bird named Kevin. An evil explorer who lives in Paradise Falls has spent his entire life looking for the bird, and he thinks Carl and Russell want to steal it, so he becomes extremely mad. Will Carl and Russell be able to save Kevin, or is the end near? You’ll have to watch Up in order to find out.Up is a great Disney movie for the whole family. It is rated PG for some peril and action. It is directed be Pete Docter, who also directed Monsters, Inc. Up is full of hilarious comments, and great characters. My family and I loved curling up on a Friday night to watch the story unfold.The Disney DVD and blue-ray combo pack has many exciting features. It includes a blue-ray version, a DVD version, and a whole disc of bonus features. There is also a disk to load onto your computer so that you can watch it on your ipod. Movies like this are great to watch over and over again, so get your copy soon.


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