A Must Have For Family Game Night…


Dannika Harris writes, Introducing Toss Across to the Twenty First Century!

Introducing Toss Across to the Twenty First Century! The new electronic Toss Across offers the same great family entertainment, but with a twist. It has lights, sounds, and can tell you who wins. (So no more cheating) Besides setting it on the floor, you can mount it to the wall for more challenging games. You can still play the basic Tic-Tac-Toe, but for family fun, seven more games have been added. Tic-Tac-Toe (2 players) Players need to get three in a row of the same color either diagonally, vertically, or horizonally. 4 Corners (2 players) Players try to make all four corners light up in the same color. X Marks The Spot (2 players) Players try to make an X in the same color. Relay Race (1-3 players) Players race to be the first one to complete three laps around the board. Follow TheLeader(1+ players) Players have ninety seconds to score as many points as they can by hitting the proper light pods as directed. Match 2 (2 players) Players try to be the first one to match two pair of the same color light pods. Stop Pop (1+ players) Players try to earn the most points by hitting the highest amount of light pods before they turn red. Darts (1-6 players) Players try to score the most points in three rounds by hitting the light pods that have a number value to them. Try all 8 family fun games or make up your own. Just remember, be loud, jump up and down, and HAVE FUN! I give this game a A+++ or a perfect 10. Fun for all ages and for the whole family. My family and I had and are having lots of fun with this game. I would like to thank Jill Armstrong and The Denver Post for letting me review this game,and my family for playing with me HA, HA,HA.


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