True Jackson VP: Season1, Volume 1


Caroline Till writes, I bet many of you have seen Nickelodean’s newest live-action hit series, True Jackson, VP , and loved it!

I bet many of you have seen Nickelodean’s newest live-action hit series, True Jackson, VP , and loved it! Butdid you know that Nickelodean debuted the first season of this comedy show September 8?! True Jackson VP: Season 1, Volume 1 features two discs with thirteen,new-to-DVD episodes, along with exclusivespecial features including bloopers, cast screen tests, and more! True Jackson, VP follows fifteen-year old True Jackson (Keke Plamer) at her job as vice president of youth apparel at a major fashion label, Mad Style. True soon learns that coorporate life has the same highs and lows as school, complete with cliques, “mean girls”, and crushes. Disc One PILOT A fifteen-year old girl is tapped to head of youth apparel for a major fashion label fIRING LULU When Lulu screws up some of True’s new designs, True must decide wether to keep her as herassistant, or if firing her is the best decesion. BABYSITTING DAKOTA Ture is forced to babysit a very high-mantience, hard to please, rude model. TELLING AMANDA Ryan, True, and Lulu follow Amanda’s boyfriend to lunch after he suspiciously switches plans only to discover he’s cheating on Amanda. TRUE MATCHMAKER True tries to set Max up with her school librarian, meanwhile, Oscar and Amanda bond over a ridiculous soap opera. ReTRUEnion As Amanda pampers herself in order to prepare for her high school reunion, True and her friends discover a shocking secret about her. Disc 2 THE PROTOTYPE True lets Lulu borrow a dress from the famous Mad Style dress vault, only to discover it is a one-of-a-kind prototype. RYAN ON WHEELS When True gets an opportunity to design for a skateboard phenom, she and Lulu go undercover to Ryan’s all-bot skate park so they can do a little research. THE RIVAL Max’s fashion nemisis attempts to lure True away from mad Style and come work for him.KEEPING TABS Things get out of hand when True discover a few perks that come with being an exec, like having her very own credit card! FASHION WEEK When True gets rejected for the Young Designer Show case for Fashion Week, she sneaks into a fashion in order to get her dress noticed.