Ucreate Music


Taylor Kelly writes, Ucreate Music is a toy that gives you the opportunity to make your own songs and beats.

Ucreate Music is a toy that gives you the opportunity to make your own songs and beats. This toy has many funky controls that put together the different tracts. In the bottom right corner is a control panel that has multiple back beats, riffs, links and runs that you can add together or take away from the song. Next to that is the distortion rocker that distorts the song as its recording. Press “hold” and the echoing, repeating and sound distortion keeps going without you having to press any buttons. You can also control the BPM (beats per minute) by pushing the “+” or “-” sign to make the track fast or slow. Because of the tiny microphone on top you can record your own voice into the song. Once you’re done with the song you can play it again and again. An iPod can be plugged into the Ucreate music toy and the songs on it can be changed however you want. With all these controls the amount of different tracks you can create are almost unlimited.Even though I had fun making my own songs, it was hard to figure out even the basics. I am still only able to make pretty basic songs. I plugged my iPod in and played songs through the Ucreate but couldn’t record how I changed the songs. I also had a hard time recording my own voice. You could only record for up to 5 seconds. I thought I was recording but when I tried to play it, I never heard my own voice. Perhaps with a little more practice I’ll get the hang of it. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it was still fun and I actually made a few tracks. I would recommend this toy to ages 10 and older because you need to be able to read well and have patience to learn how to use it.Ucreate Music is made by Mattel and is for one player use, but can be enjoyed by more than one person. It can be found at www.amazon.com and www.target.com and retails for about $35. Ucreate Music comes with 4 AA batteries. This device connects to your computer through a USB cable that is provided when you purchase the toy. On the computer you can upload new beats and rhythms to the Ucreate Music. You can also upload your music creations to the computer. For more information go to www.myucreate.com.