Something Strange is Coming to Planet 51


Taylor Kelly writes, Audiences of all ages should see Planet 51, the movie.

Audiences of all ages should see Planet 51, the movie. It had comedy, friendship, action, adventue, and much more. During the showing it had the majority of the theater laughing. I was definitely one of those people. I really enjoyed the film, and you will too.Planet 51 is an animated comedy about an astronaut landing on an already in habited planet, and how he impacts their world. Mass hysteria starts when an overconfident astronaut, voiced by Dwayne Johnson, arrives on Planet 51. Everyone then panics, thinking that he is going to brainwash them and take over their planet. Captain Charles “Chuck” Baker, the astronaut, and his “dog” Rover befriend Lem, voiced by Justin Long, who, along with his friends Eckle and Skiff, try to help them get back to their rocket ship. Along the journey they discover humans and aliens aren’t that different. They both speak the same language and think each other is the alien. The people from Planet 51 are a lot like humans, except you know, being green and having antennas. Aliens on Planet 51 have families, jobs, drove cars, own pets, and much more.Planet 51 was hilarious. All ages would enjoy this movie, even adults. There were movie references only older audiences would understand. For example, in a scene where it was raining rocks, Rover rolled outside and started dancing and twirling while the song “Singing in the Rain” played. Along with adults, kids would like this movie too. Farrell, age 9 said “My favorite part was when Rover was captured by the alien army for the first time.” Danny, 11, also enjoyed this movie and his favorite part was when “Eckle, Skiff and Chuck were in the comic book store playing around.” Personally, I thought it was funny how Rover, the robot, had many dog-like characteristics. He liked chasing rocks, he wagged his “tail (antenna) and he had feelings. Planet 51 was created by Sony Pictures and is playing in theaters beginning November 20 th. It is approximately 91 minutes long and is rated PG for mild sci-fi action and suggestive humor. For more information go to


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