Thanksgiving: How Was It Really Started?


Meghan Sharma writes, Almost everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a day when you give thanks to everything you’re thankful for…

Almost everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a day when you give thanks to everything you’re thankful for, but what’s the real reason for having Thanksgiving? How was it started? According to the National Geographic Kids website, Thanksgiving was first celebrated for a successful harvest in a time when Colorado wasn’t even a state.In 1620, the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts. This was a ship that arrived at modern day America with more than 100 people, known as separatists or Puritans, in search of religious freedom. The Puritans knew about the futile results that happened to Jamestown, Virginia when the settlers arrived in 1607, so they established a “Mayflower Compact” that specified the rights and rules they were to follow.With winter coming, the Puritans kept good relations with local Native Americans, such as the Wampanoag tribe. One day, Tisquantum, or Squanto, was brought to them from the Indians. He knew a lot about harvesting, fishing, and everything else they needed to know to survive the winter.In 1621, the Puritans and Wampanoag tribe had a huge celebration because of their cooperation and great harvest. Although this was not formally recorded as the first Thanksgiving, they did some of the things we would do today. Some of the food they ate were deer, meat, corn, and shellfish. They also had turkey and pumpkin, however they would eat other food for the biggest part of the meal. They would also play games and dance.President Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. This was when Thanksgiving became an actual holiday for America. Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated by eating turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and many other things not obtainable at the time. It’s a holiday to honor the first successful establishment in America and its accomplishments.For more information, go to