A Different Dracula


Lillian Lungren writes, I really like “A SAM and FRIENDS MYSTERY…

I really like “A SAM and FRIENDS MYSTERY, BOOOK 1 DRACULA MADNESS” by Mary Labatt and illustrated by Jo Rioux because even though it’s in the format of a cartoon, I could picture the story in my head, like a movie. This book is 96-cartoon pages long, an easy-to-read, fun book.This book may look like a little kid’s book, but it is fun for most all kids. I learned this when I sunk my head into this delicious book. It’s about a dog named Sam, he and his family move to a new town, but Sam isn’t any ordinary dog, this dog is a detective just waiting for a case. But when Sam meets Jennie, a ten-year-old girl who can “hear” Sam’s thoughts things become spooky. Especially when she takes a job walking Sam to the creepiest house in the neighborhood, and the word is he’s Dracula, Sam knows it’s time for a case.I think this story is a brain-chewer if you don’t read the story all at once. It might be a little scary for younger children between the ages of 3 and 4, but if the kids are older than that, this book will be a delight!


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