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Leah Shaull writes, As you walk into the Paramount Cafe, you will realize that it is set to a low lighting, as if it was night.

As you walk into the Paramount Cafe, you will realize that it is set to a low lighting, as if it was night. There is one big wrap around bar in the middle of the resuraunt, booths to the left of the resurant, tables and chairs to the right.The staff is friendly, kind, and sincere. The chips are made fresh frequently daily and their salsa is 100% homemade and 120% delicious, though it is different every time. If you think the chips are good, just wait for the meal. I ordered the guacamole tostadas on recommendation from our waitress and my father ordered a borrito with hommony. we both agreed that the food was amaizing. We had such a kind waitress that she let me ask her a few questions.Her name was Renee and she’d been working at the paramount for 4 years.she absolutly loves the paramount because,”The people are nice and I love the location because it’s downtown and it has great management, It’s just all around fun.” said Renee. She also told us a little fact that the resturant did infact used to be part of the theatere. It was the front lobby area where people could get their tickets and snacks before the show.”As a matter of fact,’said Renee,”The bar used to be the conssesions where you could get your popcorn, candy, and drinks and what not”. The manager, Mark, also let me ask him a few questions.He had been managing the paramount for 11 years so far.He liked working at the cafe because “Everyday there is something new and you get to meet a lot of awesome people.” he said. He likes to do things differently, for example, with my dad’s borrito, most resurants give you beans and rice with mexican food but instead they had extremely good hommony. As we were getting ready to reatreat, Renee recomended we go upstairs near the restrooms and check out all of the pictures. We went upstairs as she said and I’m glad we did.They had the coolest pictures up there of people trying to get tickets and the sign lit up at night and others too.They acctually had a really old cigarett dispencer and they let people buy from it. As we left, my dad took me around the side of the building and we were able to spot the verticle Paramount Theatere sign.If you’re ever in downtown denver and you’re hungry, I reccomend the Paramount Cafe in the highest!


  1. Awesome…
    Awesome, I’ve heard of the Paramount Cafe but never been there. But according to your review, it seems like a place I should try out. Great job!

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