Leah Shaull writes, Outdoor ED is an extremely fun program for every school kid in Colorado.

Outdoor ED is an extremely fun program for every school kid in Colorado. Sometimes schools go to different camps,but my school, Northeast Elementary went to Camp Cheley up in Estes Park. There is an activity group which is the group you will be with throughout all six activities; orienteering (using compasses), the beaver pond (learning about beavers at an abandond beaver pond), tree identification (a small hike and landmark/ tree games), team leadership(playing games with everyone as one team), rock climbing(climbing rocks),and the low ropes( an obstacle course). The 2nd day was hike day. There were three different hiking levels, dificult, very hard, and extremely callenging. We were able to chose the hike we wanted to go on long before the trip. During the hike, I tripped on a rock, fell down a slope, and faceplanted straight into a tree. At first I was mad, but then I couldn’t stop laughing about it. One of the teachers gave me a nickname, Scarface, Scarface Shaull. I’m not too terribly proud of it The bunk rooms were…Ok I guess. If you’re going any time soon, remember that you’ll want to try getting asigned to Pawnee. Sure it’s longer of a walk but it is by far the nicest cabin out of all three of the girl cabins.If you can’t stay in Pawnee for any reason, try to stay in Shady Pines. It is the shortest walk there out of every other cabin including the boy cabins and it is the second nicest cabin out of the three girl cabins. Don’t worry about the food, you know why? Because it’s amazing!110% better than regular school food! Camp Cheley is an extremely fun and educational camp and I’d love to go back anytime. And for those of you going there, please just HAVE FUN.


  1. Cheley was really fun!
    Cheley was really fun! I loved it; the food is great, Pawnee is great, and the hikes are, too. Good story.

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