The Wacky Weather Report


Leah Shaull writes, Can you belive this weather,I sure can’t?

Can you belive this weather,I sure can’t? Thanksgiving was so beautiful and amaizingly warm but now, just a few days later, it’s snowing cats and dogs.That’s what we all get for living in a wacky weather region likeColorado. Even yesterday was semi-warm. Weather in colorado is truly crazy. this yearthe weather really flipped from regular. Usually, we have lukewarm weather, but this year it’s been super warm. We acctualy broke a heat record. Colorado’s heat record was 96 dgrees F., but this year it got to 98 degrees F., 2degrees warmer!Maybe since it’s been so warm this year, we have we have some pay back due. Maybe this cold streak could possibly last an extremley long time, well, it is possible that it may end. Why do things so great, like warm weather, absolutly have to end? I mean,come on, if everybody loves them so terribly much, why must they end so terribly soon?Do you want some thing that youlove to end as soon as possible? Would you want to go home from disney world 1 day early, ummm I don’t think so!!! Well, for now get out your hats, gloves, and winter jackets, it’s sleddin’ time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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