“Canstruction”– Helping the Hungry


Elise Collins writes, A dragon…

A dragon, a scorpion, a football helmet, an American flag, a hamburger, a boot, and a “tunado” are all sculptures at Colorado Mills Mall. What are they made out of, you might wonder? Clay, metal, or canvas? No, the unique feature about all of these sculptures is that they are made entirely out of cans of food. All of the sculptures were made by different school groups or organizations for the 2 nd annual Denver Metro can-building competition known as Canstruction. Canstruction is organized by the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has partnered with The Society for Design Administration, Canstruction, and local Denver Metro schools to bring this ‘constructive’ fund raiser to the public.”The Canstruction project promotes awareness that people need food for the holidays. People can walk in and see that people care in a very creative way,” said Raymond Erickson-King, a captain in the Salvation Army. Erin Kofoed from the Salvation Army said, “We never receive enough canned goods to feed everyone every year.” Annually the Salvation Army usually receives 12,000 cans of food from school can food drives. All the cans from the sculptures are donated to the Salvation Army once they are taken down.The groups collected cans for several weeks before the event. They also had to plan and design their project. Each group paired with a professional architect to make their ideas into a sculpture. On December 4 th school groups constructed their sculptures in a single day. “The hardest part,” said Taylor Schofield and Vivian Zeng, two Cresthill Middle School students, “was planning the Tunado and trying to figure out how to make it curvy.” The “Tunado” is a tornado made of tuna cans and stands over eight feet tall. The students thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience, especially the build. “It is really fun to stack the cans over and over again and watch it evolve from the boxes of cans to the tower it is,” said Caleb Pimmel, a Cresthill Middle School student who also helped to construct the Tunado. You can see the Canstruction sculptures at Colorado Mills Mall until December 12 th. You can help the Salvation Army and vote for your favorite sculpture by bringing canned goods to the Colorado Mills Mall and dropping your donation into your favorite Canstruction sculpture bin located in the food court.


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