Kids will plug their noses in Secrets of a Lab Rat


Justin Roach writes, Squirt!

Squirt! Ewwww! What’s that smell!? It’s smelly Isabelle! Secrets of a Lab Rat will have boys saying, “I want some of that for MY sisters! I recently read Secrets of a Lab Rat by Trudi Trueit and I thought it was hilarious! I would also give the book a 4/5.In the beginning, Salvatore Wallingford McNally (a.k.a Scab) is the principal’s office, again for arm pit farting the national anthem at an assembly.Through out the book Scab keeps trying and trying to create the perfect batch of Isabelle smell to get his sister to finally leave him alone. Find out what happens and who gets smelly in Secrets of a Lab Rat! By: Justin Roach