Go Big or Go Home


Anna Mantooth writes, DU stadium,7:00 p.

DU stadium,7:00 p.m. on Sunday the 20th of September. As I walk up to the stadium with my best friend, my mom and dad, I hear the spectators going wild… the players are on the field! DU has some of the most amazing soccer players I have ever seen! The bleachers are full, we walk around looking for a place to sit. Finally we find a perfect place to sit, where we can see the whole field! The game has begun, the challenge has been set to see who would be called champion!!! The first half of the soccer game DU had the ball almost the whole time shooting but never getting the ball in the net. All the players used their heads to move the ball in a certain direction, it can hurt if they don’t use the hairline of their heads. It was recorded that DU missed 12 close shots and held Washington [231] without a shot! DU’s goalie Joe Willis saved all of the shots made by Washington. He is the best goalie I have ever seen! Every time DU took a shot Washington’s goalie Rylan Hawkins saved them all. Rylan was a good goalie too. At half time, some Real youth players came on the field to play some mini games. After half time it was time for the players to come back on the field, to finish the game. The second half was like the first half, DU keep shooting and so did Washington but neither got a goal. Time was out and they were stilltied0 to 0, so they had to go into overtime. After 2 overtimes, they were still tied and called it a game! On the car ride home my best friend told me that before today she didn’t like soccer very much amd never in a million years want to play. Now she loves soccer just like me! We all enjoyed the the game very much and want to go to another game at DU. For me the game was amazing being that I’ve played soccer since I was 5. Soccer is my favorite sport and always will be. DU men’s soccer team makes me love it even more! Now I practice soccer almost every day so maybe I can be as good as the DU players one day!!!!


  1. great story…
    great story, maybe you could add a little more details, but it was still great. also, next time bring your camera and try to get a few good pictures….pictures will really enhance your story! i’ve learned that from the past!! 😉

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