Magical December


Anna Mantooth writes, December is a magical season with lots of giving, receiving and lots of love!

December is a magical season with lots of giving, receiving and lots of love! As the magical season starts out, peoples lights and decorations start to go up outside. At my house we put up Christmas lights all over the house and trees. My neighbors put lots of lights up too. All the neighbors compete to see who can put up the most lights which is a lot of fun. My family also decorates the inside of the house. In the inside of the house, we put up a tree with lots of beautiful ornaments on it. We put up other Christmas items all over the house such as snowman and nutcrackers. We have two special traditions in my family. The first is, my moms friend Sharon comes over. Sharon always brings a gingerbread house kit. She comes over right when I come home from school. Then we can finally transform the pieces of gingerbread into a breathtaking gingerbread house! The other tradition is my favorite, making cookies! Every year two weeks before Christmas our next door neighbors and my family get together to make Christmas cookies for ourselves and the other neighbors. This tradition is my favorite because I love being with my family and friends, and because we make and decorate a lot of beautiful, scrumptious cookies.Every year some old friends throw a big holiday party on Christmas Eve. We are always invited and always go because it always haas so much merriment. At this party, we eat and talk to old friends. There is lots of festivity for everyone to enjoy! For all the kids at the party we get to make fun Christmas crafts and put reindeer food out for the reindeer! One of my favorite things to do at this party is to sing Christmas carols! This party is what I look forward to every year! Those are a few things that happen in my Magical December!


  1. excellent story!
    excellent story!!! i loved your use of “scrumptious” and “breathtaking.” Next time, maybe try seaparating it into more paragraphs, so it looks more professional, but other than that, great story! also, great pictures!

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