Will JONAS be Rockin’ Your House?


Lauren McCulley writes, I recently was given the chance to review the new DVD…

I recently was given the chance to review the new DVD, Jonas Rockin’ the House, filled with seven episodesof the original Disney Channel Series, JONAS. It was an opportunity, I simply could not pass up. The TV show, Jonas, is about the three Lucas brothers,(Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas) who try to balance normal lives and the life of superstars as the international sensation, JONAS, while still dealing with the average teenage dilemmas, with the help oftheir best friend and clothes designer, Stella Malone(Chelsea Staub), and her best friend,Macy Misa (Nicole Anderson), the ultimate JONAS fan. This popular TV show has gotten a total of seven episodes, including two bonus episodes, on the new DVD, Jonas Rockin’ the House. The total running time is approximately 113 minutes.The first episode on the DVD (which aired second on TV) is “Groovy Movies.” In this episode, it is their mom’s (Rebecca Creskoff)birthday, so they try to do someting extra special for her. After their dad (John Ducey) discovers their old home movies in the basement, the boys decide to transfer the videos onto DVD. Before they can do so, they ruin the videos while baking a cake for their mom.Will all their memories be lost forever??? Will they find a way to fix it before it’s too late?? The second episode (first to air) is “Wrong Song.” In this episode, Nick falls hard to a cute girl, and even writes a song for her, just to discover she is devoted to another boy. Will Nick get over her, or wiill she learn Nick is the right guy?? The third episode (third to air) is Pizza Girl. When all three boys fall hard for the same pizza girl, Maria they find themselves in a fight, and for the first time ever, disobeying the JONAS book of laws. Will the band break up??? Will they find a way to resolve their issues??? The fourth episode (fifth to air) is Band’s Best Friend. When Joe’s old friend, Carl Schuster, comes to visit, he uses their poularity for his own gain. Meanwhile, Stella gets mad at Macy after she uses her money to buy a potato chip that resembles Joe. Will Stella and Macy’s friendship be ruined?? Will Carl ruin the band? In the fifth episode (sixth to air), “Chasing the Dream” Kevin lets Macy be a back-up singer for their next album, only to find out that she is a horrible singer. Will Macy ruiin the album, or will Kevin get the guts to tell her???? The two bonus episodes are “Beauty and the Beat,” and “Cold Shoulder.” In “Beauty and the Beat,” the boys are judging a beauty contest, that Stella gets pressured into entering. In “Cold Shoulder” Kevin’s old girlfriend, Anya, comes to school, but they are made fun nof, because they are different. Meanwhile, Joe, Nick, and Macy try to uncover an unknown papparazzi taking candid photos of JONAS. Bonus features on this DVD include, You’ve Just Been Jo Bro’d – Surprising Chelsea Staub, where the boys play a prank on Chelsea Staub. Also, you can take a look at Dylan and Cole Sprouse talking about the new Disney Blu-Ray. I love the TV show and the Jonas Brothers, so I also loved the DVD. There were at times, however,some cheesy acting and a cheesy script, but I believe it did not surpass the overall quality of the show. I also think the cast did an excellent job protraying the characters. If you are between the ages of 9 and 14, and love the Jonas Brothers, I would definitely consider buying this, especially with Christmas in a couple days!