Sweet Colorful Candles


Taylor Kelly writes, Sweet colorful candles are a fun and easy project that would make a wonderful present.

Sweet colorful candles are a fun and easy project that would make a wonderful present. They aren’t like any regular candles. These candles are very unique because of their exciting texture and your choice of color. I highly recommend making these sweet colorful candles!You will need:• Empty salt containers (depends on how many candles you want to make, so if you need to make a lot email friends to see if they have any)• Wax ( can get at most craft stores)• Long skinny candles• Crayons (crayola work best)• Tin can (soup can)• Crushed iceInstructions:1. Fill a pot with water. Put the pot on a stove and set the temperature on low.2. Cut the wax into small pieces until you fill the tin can.3. Put the tin can in the pot so that the wax can melt. Add colorful crayons of one color with NO WRAPPER to the wax. This makes the candle a fun color, but be careful if you mix the different colored crayons.4. Keep adding colorful and regular wax. When all the wax and crayons are melted, poor a little bit of wax from the tin can into the salt container.5. Put a long skinny candle in the center of the melted wax. Hold it straight for about 1-2 minutes.6. Put about 1 cup crushed ice on top of the wax in the salt container. Keep the rest of the wax in the water so it doesn’t harden.7. Repeat the steps, wax, ice, wax, ice until you reach the top of the salt container. Make sure you can still see the wick of the skinny candle when you are finished.8. The ice should melt so, you need to make a little hole in the bottom of the salt container to let the water escape. Be careful to not poke a hole in the candle.9. Once the candle is dry, carefully rip away the salt container. The candle may still be a little wet.By adding crushed ice to the wax the candle in the end has a unique texture. The sides almost make a perfect cylinder, but there are holes. It’s like the ice left behind air pockets. Looking inside the candle you can see a crystal-like form. You could also try making a multi-colored candle. Melt the wax with just one color crayon and after adding the ice, try putting a different color. We did that with a candle and it turned out pretty cool. I have never seen a candle like this one this one before and it certainly turned out really nice for a homemade candle.


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