“Santa Buddies”


Melissa Kaiser writes, “Santa Buddies,” is silly, appealing, neat, terrific, and absorbing.

“Santa Buddies,” is silly, appealing, neat, terrific, and absorbing. The puppies in this help save Christmas for children and puppies all around the world after they meet Santa Paws’s son, Puppy Paws who only thinks of gifts, presents, and meaningless knickknacks. Travel to the North Pole, and then to Budderball’s, B-Dawg’s, Mudbud’s, Buddah’s, and Rosebud’s hometown. There you will find the Buddies where they will each meet Puppy Paws, and have many experiences with him. This helped them to think more of the giving instead of receiving. This movie is wonderful because it helps you have more Christmas spirit. It will touch your heart, make you laugh, and sweeten your mood, all at the same time. I know you will adore this movie and cherish it.


  1. good story…
    good story, next time though, i would maybe thin about adding some pictures (it really enhances your stroy) and inlcude the voice-over’s names, so i know who is in the movie. Also, don’t forget to include running time, director, etc. good work!

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