The Arizona Memorial, A Historical Landmark


Lauren Kelly writes, There are many fascinating landmarks all throughout the United States of America that are important to our country.

There are many fascinating landmarks all throughout the United States of America that are important to our country. The Arizona Memorial is definitely an important landmark. Many people forget what truly happened on December 7, 1941 in Honolulu, Hawaii in Pearl Harbor and how so many people sacrificed their lives.One fall day in Honolulu something terrible happened in the harbor. Many crew members were there in ships in Peal Harbor at the time. It was just after 8AM when the Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on the port. The Japanese flew in on planes with nearly a million pounds of gun power. Some men even drove suicide bombers into the ships. By the end of the attack on Pearl Harbor 21 US ships were damaged or sunk (the USS Arizona was one of them) and, the sunken ships had taken many crew members down to the harbor floor with them. 1, 177 sailors and Marines lost their lives from the attack that day.Later, the Arizona Memorial was established in honor of the people who died during the attack in 1941. It became a National Historic Landmark on May 5, 1989. Now, over 1,500,000 people visit every year.The Arizona Memorial is quite large. It is approximately 184 feet (56M) across and contains three main compartments: the entry room, assembly room, and, at the far end of the memorial, a marble wall engraved with the names of a portion of the crewmen who were killed on that tragic day. Visitors pay their respects by scattering flowers around the marble and in the harbor. People throw flowers into the harbor also because the Arizona Memorial is built over the remains of the sunken ship from the attack. In the middle of the floor there is an opening so travelers can gaze upon the sunken ship. Even though the attack happened many years ago, oil still leaks out of the ship and rises to the top of the harbor. When the oil leaks, it looks like little sable droplets in the water. That’s why people call them “The Tears of the Arizona”.The USA has many captivating monuments that are significant to our country. Pearl Harbor is certainly one of them. Numerous people were killed on December 7, 1941. It is important to always remember and honor them.


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