Best Books of 2009 With a Bite


Allyson Malecha writes, The best book series of 2009 in my opinion is the House of Night Series, written by P.

The best book series of 2009 in my opinion is the House of Night Series, written by P.C. and Kristin Cast. This series currently has six books with more coming. The books follow Zoey, a teenage girl in high school, with a newly married mom and a horrible new dad. In her world, vampyres (how it is spelled in this book) live alongside humans. In this series, when you are a teen, you can become Marked. Becoming Marked means that you have a crescent moon on your forehead, symbolizing becoming a vampyre. The fledgling vampyres must go to a special school called the House of Night or they will die. When Zoey is Marked, her family believes that it is a curse. When Zoey starts becoming weak, she drives to her grandma’s house, who brings her to the House of Night. When she gets there, she finds out that she is different and more powerful than the other fledglings. She is chosen for a special task from the vampyre Goddess Nyx. On top of all this, she has her human ex- boyfriend constantly trying to win her heart back. Will Zoey ever find out how to control her destiny?I love these books because they have an element of humor and they keep you guessing. In my opinion, they are much better than the Twilight series (which I loved) and have a new and interesting take on vampires. I would recommend this series of books for girls and boys, probably more for girls, seventh grade and up. Keep in mind much of the subject matter is mature, so if you were offended by the Twilight series, you might want to pass. Book GradeMarked- A+Betrayed- A+Chosen- A-Untamed- AHunted- ATempted- A+Authors- P.C. and Kristin CastPublishing Company- St. Martin’s GriffinCopyright- 2007-2009


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