Here we go with Stickers!


Kelsey Campbell writes, Stickers!

Stickers!! The little sticky papers that can go every where, even on your face! Stickers can be a pass time hobby and for me I could stick them all over. My favorite places to put them are: on my face on people’s back (very funny!) on violin case on papers and SCRAP BOOKS!! Me and my friends love stickers and have fun with the ones we bring to school. I love to decorate my stuff with stickers. Know what, I never told you the history of stickers. But I wont because history is boring and so is science, and well, you get the point. You can put stickers on almost every thing, even your car.You can always have fun with your friends but have even more fun at a sticker trade! Here is how, you and your friends can start a monthly sticker trade where you can see each other’s stickers a trade them!!! I love stickers alot. They can be bought premade in kits you buy but the real fun is making them yourself!! First you go to the store and buy the sticker paper. When you get home put the paper in the printer, or draw your own,printany design you choose and print away!!! So you still think stickers are boring, listen to this,the record of stickers in a sticker collection is 63,000!! WOW, that is alot! Now go have some fun!!!!!


  1. good story.
    good story… times, it did seem like a list, so next time, try adding powerful detail to really engage your readers…..also, you mentioned that you liked stickers a lot, and it seemed a little repetitive….but good story,and great topic!! it was really creative! i might have to start collecting now! 😛

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