Seesome 2, Volume 1 iCarly


What is the season 2 volume 1 DVD from iCarly? A DVD packed with laughs, funny quirks, and the first ever iCarly Movie. This DVD features 10 iCarly episodes and iGo to Japan.


What is the season 2 volume 1 DVD from iCarly? A DVD packed with laughs, funny quirks, and the first ever iCarly Movie. This DVD features 10 iCarly episodes and iGo to Japan.


The movie iGo to Japan is about Carly, Sam, and Freddie's adventure after becoming nominees for the iWeb Award's best comedy show. It has everything from skydiving to being captured by evil Japanese teenagers who were also nominated for Best Comedy Web Show.


The first episode in the DVD is iSaw Him First. What will extremes will Carly and Sam go to if they like the same guy? In addition, who ends up in the hospital? This episode is an extended version, its fun to see what parts they added on.


The next episode is iStage an Intervention, in this episode what will happen when Spencer's new video game addiction gets way out of hand? Could he lose his job? In addition, when Freddie does not forward chain e-mails bad luck strikes him. When you borrow something from others, you usually pay them back.


In iOwe You, Sam borrows, does not pay back, and ends up with something that probably was not on her to do list, a job.


In the episode, iHurt Lewbert, Carly and Sam play funny pranks on their awful doorman, Lewbert. When a muffin basket does not blow up in his face correctly, guess who gets hurt. Who ends up caring for this grouch? Freddie's mom, do they have a little more than a nurse/patient relationship between them? All of these plus Special Features about the making of iGo to Japan are on the first disk of this two-disk set.


Disk two features a show with guest star David Archuleta. In iRocked the Vote, Carly and Sam tell all of the iCarly viewers to vote for David Archuleta as the winner of America Sings. America Sings is a made up show meant to resemble American Idol. When he does win, are Carly and Sam the ones to thank? Feeling guilty, they try to help the loser make a music video, big mistake.


Another show on this disk is iPie. Everybody loves a pie shop down the street. When the owner dies, do the recipes die with him? Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer are determined to find them, no matter what it takes.


If you have ever seen the Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Life, you will recognize that the episode, iChristmas, is a parody of it. When Carly wishes Spencer was born normal, her whole life goes down the drain and a not so good one comes out of the faucet. Will her old one ever return?


When Sam wants to get revenge on Freddie, she crosses the line and goes way beyond. It is not a good idea to tell everyone that he has not kissed a girl while hundreds of viewers are watching. Making up for that is what the hard part is in iKiss.


Nevel is at it again when he wins a contest on iCarly for a free car. As if it was not enough that he won, they do not have a car and he has the power to kick them off the internet for good. This episode, iGive Away a Car, keeps you wondering and laughing the whole time.


The last full show in the set is iMeet Fred. When Freddie insults internet sensation, Fred Figglehorn on iCarly, Fred doesn't forgive easily, or does he?


This DVD also features Special Features with David Archuleta and Fred. It also includes a ton of funny episodes; some are played a lot on normal television, while others are rarely seen. I really enjoyed the Special features because it is something you never see normally. Season 2, Volume 1iCarly keeps you laughing and always surprised at what happens next.