Curl Up With A Good Book this Winter


Lauren McCulley writes, There is nothing better I’d rather do on a cold winter day…

There is nothing better I’d rather do on a cold winter day, than to curl up to a favorite book with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. One of my favorite books to curl up with is Premonitions, by Jude Watson. This dramatic page-turner is my favorite book, because the author, Jude Watson, uses incredible imagery to describe every exhilarating event. The incredible word choice actually makes you feel as if you are the main character. Although, because of the strong word choice, some of the words may be difficult for young children to understand, so I would recommend this book for grades fourth to eighth. Published by Scholastic, Inc. in 2004, Premonitions is about a young teenager, Gracie, who has received premonitions,or visions, about the past, present, and future, since before her mother’s death. She can also, from time to time, read people’s mind.When her best friend, Emily, disappears, she frightfully learns that the visions she fears are the only clue to find Emily. With the help of her aunt (and caretaker) Shay, and a few other people along the way, Gracie begins her journey. WIll they find Emily before it’s too late??? Was Emily never really gone?? You have to read the book to find out. If you enjoy this book, I would recommend you reading Disappearance. Disapperence is a sequel to Preomintions. It’s the same confused Gracie, but only this time, her long lost dad is coming to town,and he may be linked to secrets about a death of a student years ago, and now a more recent death. Will Gracie prove her father innocent, or will her preominitions lead her father to being guilty???? I highly recommend going to your local library, or even bookstore, and getting this book now, if you are between the ages of 9 and 14!!


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    Wow. Awesome review! I like how you included a plot and recommendation in the book. Thanks for giving me something new to read!

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