Got Na’vi?


Ira Tandon writes, Got your Na’vi on?

Got your Na’vi on? Avatar, directed by James Cameron, takes place on Pandora in 2154, and at the time, Earth has run out of oil. When his brother is killed in a battle, it’s up to Jake Sully to complete his mission to Pandora. On Pandora, the native and indigenous people, the Na’vi, have their own language and culture. They live in peace, and cause no harm or disarray on Pandora. Once the humans reach their destination to Pandora, Jake learns about Parker Selfridge’s greedy and cruel intentions to get the Na’vi out of the way so he can mine their precious Unobtainium, the key to solving the oil setback on Earth. This leads to the creation of avatar, a human in the body of a Na’vi. As Jake reports the information on the Na’vi to the humans in his human body, he also falls for Neytiri, daughter of the chief of their Na’vi clan. Jake grows to love the land as well as the people who inhabit it, and when Selfridge plans to attack them, he is torn apart. Will he fight for the land and people he loves, or with Colonel Selfridge’s army?Title: AvatarCompany/ies: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, Dune Entertainment, Giant Studios, Ingenious Film Partners, and Lightstorm Entertainment Director: James CameronScreenwriter: James CameronStarring: Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana Length of Movie: 162 minutes Rating: PG-13


  1. I saw this movie…
    I saw this movie, and I LOVED it. Nice review, and I like how you depicted the plot. Great job.

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