The Last Invisible Boy


Tommy Gergely writes, I recently finished the last invisible boy by Evan Kulman.

I recently finished the last invisible boy by Evan Kulman. It is about a boy named Finn Garrett who is slowly becoming invisible. His dad is manager of a sports store he and his dad are having great relationships when things start to take a turn for the worse. He stops going to school for awhile. His only friend is an athletic girl named Melanie. He has a annoying brother, a rather odd looking cat, and a mom who is a health nut. There are some very sad moments, some funny moments and even moments that you don’t understand until you keep reading. This book will make you keep reading because there’s always a cliff hanger. Soon Garrett starts visiting the cemetery every day but the reader does not know why. He has to go to a therapist . To find out the answers to these questions read the book The Last Invisible Boy. I recommend this book to ages 9 and up because it is a challenge to understand all the different things going on. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. If you like reading books in diary form this is a good book for you. But be prepared for sadness and happiness. I got my copy at Barnes and Noble.