Second Time Around…


Dannika Harris writes, This past Holiday season…

This past Holiday season, some of us may have received the X Box 360, Play Station 3, Nintendo Wii, Game Cube, Nintendo DS, or the Sony PSP. Well, I have the perfect places you can go and buy used games for half the price. Yes, I did say half the price. My first place to shop is Game Stop. I love it here, you can always find the games you want. Besides used games and accessories, you can find new games and accessories for a good price. The used games have a 7 day warranty. So if you find a game you don’t like or just is to easy for you, take it back and get your money or store credit. Ken Barker (employee at Game Stop) said ” We are here to make sure the customer is happy”. Game Stop also offers a Edge Card for a fee and in return, you save a extra 10% off used games and get a extra 10% back on trade ins. So kids, if you have any games you don’t like or are just sick of, turn them in for cash or store credit. Check out . My next store is the DVD Stop. This store has been open since 2004 and my family and I have been going ever since. You can always find a great deal here by looking in the Value coupons and pocket coupon books.(Buy one get one free) or visiting the store for buy two get one free. You can trade in your old games and get money or store credit, and if they are in good condition, they will give you more back. Besides games, they sell DVD”s, Blue rays, and CD’s, and you can also rent them. You can always find a friendly worker who is happy to help you like Rafael Maldonabo. (Works at DVD Stop) Mr. Maldonabo has many new suggestions on what are the best and funnest games out there. The DVD Stop is located at 98 Wadsworth Blvd. Ste. 120, Lakewood, Colorado 80226 Phone # 303-238-7722. Buy Back Games is another great place to buy used games. They don’t offer coupons, but their prices are fantastic. The selection is always new and full of games for all ages. A great thing about this store is they fix your game counsels and if your games have scratches, they repair them. “It’s a lot cheaper to get the counsels fixed then to buy another” Said Katie Grunewald. (A employee at Buy Back Games) I asked Katie what is your favorite system, and she said ” The X Box 360 is the best because of the excellent effects”. At this store, you can trade in or get money back for you unwanted games. Buy Back Games is located at 4325 Wadsworth Blvd., Wheat Ridge, CO. 80033 Phone # 303-422-4424. All these places are great to go and get used and new games for your system. You can also check out your local Pawn Shop, E- Bay and even the Flee Market. Just remember, buyer beware if you don’t get a warranty.. Thank You to all the stores for the great deals you give us, and Thank You to my Mom for giving my Brother and I an allowance so we may spend it on video games. Ha, Ha, Ha.


  1. gr8 story.
    gr8 story….i luved ur quotes, and that u included a variety of stores, not just one*also, you spelled fanatstic, with a k on the end, just a heads up!

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