The Big Foot Investigation Club


Austin Campbell writes, What’s hairy, big and tall? Sasquatch.

What’s hairy, big and tall? Sasquatch. It is a huge, hairy beast that lives in Mountains of St. HelensOver Christmas break I read a great book called the Sasquatch. In this book there are teams of men from a club called the Big Foot Investigation club or B.F.I. that are looking for the Sasquatch. B.FI. was founded by a man named Dr. Flagg. The only reason he started this club was to find the Sasquatch and kill it to make millions of dollarsOne day, a 13-year old boy named Dylan was reading the newspaper and found an ad for a town meeting at the old church house to discuss the “sasquatch”. At this point in the book, the main Characters are introduced. Besides Dr. Flagg and Dylan, the other characters are Buck also known to Dylan as Uncle John, Crow, the Bearly brothers, and Dylan’s father.When Dylan gave the newspaper ad to his dad, he read it and scurried over to the old church house. At the meeting, Dr. Flagg spoke to the huge crowd and showed pictures of the Sasquatch he took weeks ago at Mt. Helens. Near the end of the meeting he asked if anyone would like to join the B.F.I. club. Dylan’s father raised his hand and said he would like to join the B.F.I. Dylans’ father owned a real estate company that owned lots of homes in their town. One of the houses he owned was rented by an ex-FBI agent.That house looked run down and the ex-FBI agent tried to make it look like no one lived there. The ex-FBI agent was actually spying on an old man named Buck who owned a small cabin on Mt. St. Helens. Buck is not a B.F.I. member, but he knows a lot about the Sasquatch and where most of them live.As a B.F.I. member, Dylan’s father had to read a 200-page book that Dr. Flagg wrote about the club rules. Some of the rules were that once you become a member you can not leave the club; you are not allowed to have a cell phone or computer in your home and you can not tell anyone about the club or what they are going to do.After tons of meeting, the B.F.I decides to take a trip up to Mt. St. Helen to search for the Sasquatch. The search was going to take place over Dylan’s school spring break and Dylan was planning to go on the search with his father. However, his father told Dylan that he was not going on the search, but had to stay at one of his friend’s house while his father searched for the Sasquatch. When the club left Dylan’s house, five minutes later the door bell rang and the ex-FBI agent asked for Dylan’s father. Dylan told him to come back at another time, but he said he would wait. So he waited for 30 minutes and finally the agent gave Dylan his card and asked him to have his father call the agent when he returned. When the club members arrived at the mountains, they learned that the FBI was going to set zones set around the mountains for safety in case there was an volcanic eruption. The club members needed a two-way radio and a map so the teams could communicate with each other when they searched for the Sasquatch. So Dylan’s father called Buck and asked him to stop by his home and pick up the two-way radio and map that he owned. Buck called Dylan and told him to get the radio and map. Dylan did what he was told, but wanted to make a deal with Buck. In exchange for the radio and map, Dylan wanted to go on the Sasquatch search. Buck agreed to bring him. So they both set off for Mt. St. Helens. When they got there, Buck gave the radio and map to the B.F.I. team. Buck and Dylan decided to stay in Buck’s old cabin on the mountain for the search.Buck got the cabin from a good friend named Billy who he met when Buck robbed a 747 airplane when flying over Mt. St. Helens. Buck told the flight attendant that he had a bomb and would blow up the plane unless he got $2,000 in cash. When he was robbing the plane, he tripped over a seat and hit the airplane door latch, which opened and the air sucked Buck out of the plane. He fell 5,000 feet and on the way down, he tried to open his parachute, but it did not work. Buck landed on Mt. St. Helens and knocked himself out when he hit the ground.The Sasquatch found him and took him to Billy’s cabin and Billy nursed Buck back to health.One night Dylan and Buck were hiking in the forest when they saw from a distance a huge Sasquatch looking at them. Dylan walked over to and tried to touch it. However, it ran off into a dark cave and didn’t look back. Although Dylan saw the Sasquatch, he did not get to touch it. The whole time Dr. Flagg’s search was going on, they never saw a Sasquatch. Dr. Flagg didn’t make millions of dollars. like he thought. The BFI club was a big failure because the club members spent a lot of money in the club, went to a lot of meetings, and they didn’t even see one Sasquatch.