Poison Apples… Sweet Story!


Helen Robins writes, I recently finished the book Poison Apples, by Lily Archer.

I recently finished the book Poison Apples, by Lily Archer. The story is like Princess stories with a twist; it tells the tales of three girls who have nothing in common except that they all are the step-daughters of three very evil stepmothers. Alice Bingley-Beckerman’s mother passed away, leaving her and her heartsick novelist father, who writes a play about his sorrow…and then marries the star actress of his own play. Reena Pachuri never thought anything was wrong with her parents relationship…until her father dumps her mother for her Indian-Wannabe yoga teacher who is 25 years younger than him. Molly Miller knew something was up…but never suspecting her father marrying his restraunt’s long time waitress. These three girls are subjected to their very evil stepmothers until all three of them come from different parts of the U.S. to an elite boarding school, Putnam Mount McKinsey, they begin to plot their revenge. But first they have to meet. I love Poison Apples, it was a great twist on classic fairy tales unlike any other story I have ever heard. It has great plot points, good romance, a fun plot, and an ending that leaves you waiting for the sequel! The book is told in alternating points of views between the three girls. Althought I will admit the resolution was a bit un-satisfying, the book was great all together. 5 stars! I recommend to anyone whois a fan of quirky and witty plots!