Need Good Food?


Allyson Malecha writes, I love to eat, but eating on the kid’s menu limits my choices.

I love to eat, but eating on the kid’s menu limits my choices. Most kid’s menus at restaurants consist of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and pasta. That is fine for most children but if you have sophisticated tastes like I do, that menu is not sufficient. I like places that offer food you would see on the adult menu but in smaller portions. Some of my favorite places are: Ted’s Montana Grill, Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli, and The Happy Sumo. Ted’s Montana Grill is a restaurant with mainly beef and bison dishes. On the kids menu, my favorite is the bison pot roast with green beans and mashed potatoes, the beef or bison sliders (small hamburgers) with fries, or the bison meatloaf. Last time I was there, I ordered the bison pot roast. It comes with garlic mashed potatoes to die for, a sweet roll, and green beans. My sister ordered the sliders with American cheese, which also comes on the oh-so delicious sweet roll. If the kid’s menu is too tempting and you are over 13, for two dollars more, you can order off of the kid’s menu. (Parents will appreciate this as the kids menu is much less expensive.) For dessert, they have great brownies, apple crisps, and homemade cookies.There are multiple locations around the Denver area.Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli is a great sandwich shop with many choices. The kid’s menu offers the same delicious sandwich options as the adult’s menu and includes a drink, bag of chips or another side dish. I usually get a turkey and Swiss cheese on Ciabatta bread with just about every vegetable you can possibly imagine. You can find Heidi’s all around town, but my favorite is definitely the Broomfield location.The Happy Sumo is an Asian restaurant with a bento box on the kid’s menu. A bento box is a box with compartments for different types of food. They are traditionally used for Japanese picnics. The bento boxes have rice, tempura fried vegetables and an entrĂ©e. The entrees include teriyaki salmon or teriyaki chicken, or California rolls. My favorite is the teriyaki salmon; the marinade on the salmon is delectable. The California rolls are also great, but there are only four in the box, which isn’t enough food for a sushi lover like me. (Probably more than enough for a typical kid though.) The location at the Orchard Mall in Westminster is the only location in Colorado.Kids, it is time to eat well.Try something new and encourage restaurants to expand their kid’s menus!