The Friendly Librarian Behind the Children’s Desk


Jessica Cardall writes, Many people believe that librarians’ lives are boring.

Many people believe that librarians’ lives are boring. However, in Caroline Carroll’s case that is definitely not true. This hometown hero has been on a billboard, traveled to Iceland, and been bitten by a black widow spider. She loves to cook. Blue is her favorite color. And her hobbies include painting with watercolors, writing children’s books, traveling, hiking, teaching, and crafty stuff such as quilting and sewing. Wow! Hasn’t she tried and enjoyed about everything! Together she and her husband have written a dozen books about half of which are located here in the Columbine public library. That’s when being an “excellent speller” can come in handy. We all have joyous memories of Story Time, it was the best part of the library. It’s also the best part of Caroline’s job. The worst part would have to be “dealing with an angry patron”. Caroline has worked as a library associate for eight years and a shelver for two, both at the Columbine public library. She chose to work in the children’s section because “It’s fun and different, kids are cute and excited, and I love Story Time.” She likes kids and reading; her all time favorite book ever is the Bible. Caroline was born in Colorado, attended Colorado State University, and has all her family living here. Which is wonderful, since her idea of happiness is “Just having my family with me, and looking out this window every day.” Another great part of the library we all love is the dollhouse; each month brings new things to find hidden amidst the elegant furniture and wooden accents. That dollhouse, built by Caroline’s dad, belongs to her daughter, who has loaned it to the library. Every month Caroline gets to hide the cute tiny things into the beloved walls of the dollhouse, “It’s a fun part”. Booker, our dalmatian friend, however is dressed by a different library associate. Caroline currently has no pets, her seahorses are gone, but her daughter has a turtle, koi, and a hermit crab. Can her position as a children’s librarian be described in one word? “Books… and kids (if I’m allowed to use three words.)” “And,” I ask, “What was the most interesting thing that happened to you while working in the library”. “One librarian had a four-year-old taking a call on a cell phone during Story Time. We are still laughing about that.” Other interesting happenings include: Two girls tap dancing on the tables, a fist fight she once had to break up between two sisters, and kids locking themselves in the bathroom. Caroline Carroll of the Columbine library is friendly, cheerful, helpful, and lives one exciting life!!!